What is a Buyer Agent?

A buyer agent is one who acts on the behalf of the buyer. This means the agent represents the buyer as a client, not just a customer, and has fiduciary duties to this client.

In the past, when you worked with an agent to find a home, the agent was almost always employed by the seller.  That meant that while you and the agent may have worked closely together, he or she had a fiduciary responsibility (including but not limited to loyalty, disclosure, and confidentiality) to always act in the best interest of the seller. You now have the benefit of having someone work with your best interest in mind.

Benefits of a Buyer Agents

100% Allegiance

Arrange Property Showings

Assist with Financing

Provide Property Data

Explain Forms and Agreements

Provide Access to the Entire Market

Promote and Protect the Buyer’s Best Interests

Negotiate Price and Terms

Monitor Closing

Assist in Evaluating Properties

High Quality Service, Advocacy, and Information

My Service

I am an expert in the home buying process, and I’m ready to walk you through the process, step by step. I will save time for you, when possible, by previewing homes for sale. I do all your legwork, searching the MLS; researching a property’s history, the tax and insurance estimates; exploring the surrounding neighborhood; and inspecting related issues that may affect your purchase.

If you are buying a home or real estate investment in New Hampshire, I will help you with every step of the process, working closely with you to negotiate the terms of the contract, set-up inspections, assist in the procurement of loans and financial assistance – from initial property searches to closing on your new property.contact_image(1)